How to Apply

Few Steps for our Application!

The DCSE Summer Course on AI and Robotics 2024 is an immersive program focused on smart city development. It explores innovative AI and robotics solutions to promote sustainable cities and communities. Participants will gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies, delve into real-world case studies, and collaborate on projects that address urban challenges like traffic management, energy efficiency, and public safety. 

Indonesian Application Follow Go To This Page

International Application Follow Steps Below

2. Click Apply

3. Sign Up to Create an acount

4. Fill out the Registration Form and click “Register”

You will receive notification and information about the username & password in your email

5. Finish Registration, Check your Email

6. Verify your Email

7. Log in with the new username and password

  1. Use the link form the email

  2. Go to > Click Apply

8. Choose Non-Degree Programs > Summer Courses

9. Choose the program that you want to apply

DCSE Summer Course on AI and Robotics 2024 Smart City Development to Support Sustainable Cities and Communities

Then Click ‘Apply’ on the right side.

10. Fill the form.

11. Click Submit in the bottom right corner.

12. Upload Documents one by one

Click ‘Choose’
Click ‘Submit’ (Always click Submit after uploading a document.)

13. Click Submit in the bottom right corner

After you finished uploading the documents

14. Confirm your data and confirm the Terms of Agreement

15. You will receive notification “Success!”

and we are ready to check your application

16. Check your progress

Go back to Admission Menu, Scroll down and you will see your Enrollment History. Click Detail.

17. ‘Data Lock’ means your application ready to Reviewed

You can check the application process.

After that, you will receive a Letter of Offer/Letter of Refusal and then a Letter of Acceptance.

18. Email Notification

You will received notification through your email about the progress of your application.

To get soft file of letter document, you need to download from your account in

After you received the Letter of Acceptance (if you accepted), the faculty administrator will contact you for course administration via email.

19. Any Question?

If you have any questions, please email us in,


Thank You. 🙂